Locking Your Bike - Extra Security Tips To Discourage Thieves from Stealing Your Bicycle

Bike Thief Stealing Bicycle

This is an update of the previously published article on how to protect your bike from theft without a lock.

However, no method delivers a guarantee against theft as long as you leave your bike in a public space. Thieves are fast, smart, they carry good tools and people, who could presumably stop the thieves, don't care much about your bike.

Two of my friends had their bikes stolen recently so this is the real reason this post came out. I use these tips myself and I believe they might be useful for you too.

The economy is bad so you gotta hold on to your assets. Coz that's what it is, really. A bicycle is a good asset to own as it saves you commuting money and it keeps you in good shape. Health and savings, that's a good deal.

So you cannot stop the thieves altogether but you can give them some extra work if your bike is their target.

Cause them delay and play with their minds

This sounds so wickedly evil, doesn't it?

But this is your play against them so you might as well have some fun.

1. Disconnect the V brakes

V brakes in Mountain Bike

The very first thigh you should do is to lock your bike with at least one strong and certified lock - I'm not the best example - in a circulated area.

But then you should do the extras.

If you disconnect the V brakes, the guy will have no braking possibility. And even though he may be on the run, he'll still need to brake and slow down in order to make it around the corner.

So, since he's smart, he'll either abandon the project or he'll take time to put on at least the rear wheel brake - which by the way will buy you some time to catch him and will cause him some delay.

Disconnected V brakes in MTB

Horse shoe brake booster and V brakes

V brake cable guide & stopper

V brake lever and cable out of socket

Take the cables out of the V brake sockets on the handlebar. You're creating more stuff for them to deal with so why not do it, right?

Cable out of socket in V brake

V brake cable

Brake cable housing stop - cable sheath guide

Threaded cable guide in V brake lever

Go even further and take the cable stoppers out altogether. There's no way for the thief to get a functional brake at this point.

2. Deflate the tires

Valve stem in bicycle wheel

Many bikers carry a pump with their puncture kit so deflating the tires is not a tragedy.

If you know you're gonna leave your bike out there for a long time this is a smart move. There are little chances thieves will carry a pump.

Even if you don't carry a pump you can still deflate the tires and go to that gas station nearby and inflate them  afterwards.

3. Take off the chain

Chain and chainring in Mountain Bike

This is a classic but it serves the same purpose - to surprise the perpetrator and hopefully he will abandon his plan or maybe he'll get caught as the operation takes longer than he expected. He'll also get more nervous having to undo all your tricks.

Chain Taken Off the Chainring

Drop the chain off the chainring and switch the shifter to the highest gear.

So there you have it. It's nothing special but they all add up and make a difference. Outsmart the thieves by keeping them busy and exposed for a longer period of time.

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Check out the video below for some tips on how to lock your bike.

Wear your helmet and be safe!

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