DIY GoPro Mount for Your Camera Slider, DIY Steadicam and Pole (DIY Monopod)

Test Video - Shot with My DIY Steadicam

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DIY GoPro Mount for DIY Slider

Here's a simple and neat way to mount your GoPro HD camera on a DIY camera slider, a DIY steadicam or even a pole.

If you don't have the time or tools to make your DIY dolly (slider), you can get the most affordable ball bearing slider which the professionals use: the Konova slider. My mentor Calin Manescu recommends it. Also check out the Pico Dolly slider below. Click on any picture.
Pico Dolly Slider
Konova Slider
Pico Dolly
Buy your Konova slider on Amazon.UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Italy.

I used an Alubond piece but you can use laminate flooring, aluminum flat stock or any other material that's rigid and light.

GoPro Mount

Glue one of the quick release buckle mounts that comes with your GoPro HD Hero on the piece, drill a hole, get a bolt and a wing nut and you're done. You've got yourself an universal GoPro mount.

I personally got to make and use this mount as I lost most of my GoPro accesories, including the helmet mount. This way though, I can center the cam much better on my camera stabilizer and on the slider.

Here's a video that I made for a local sports club where I used the GoPro with the glider & glidecam - most of the shots were taken with Sony HX9V though:

DIY GoPro Mount Made of Alubond

How to mount your GoPro on a pole

Pretty simple with this mount:
  • Buy an aluminum bar (2.5 cm or 3 cm diameter) - usually you can get these at your hardware store in 1 m lengths
  • Flatten one end of the bar with a hammer
  • Drill a hole in the flattened end 
  • Attach the plate (mount) to the bar using the bolt and wing nut and slide your cam in the buckle
As you probably know already, the pole mount is used a lot in skateboarding, free ride skiing and snowboarding. However, I believe it's nice to have one when you're in a crowded place, shooting events. You can raise the cam above people's heads and get a good shot of the whole crowd.

Alubond GoPro Mount

GoPro Slider

GoPro on DIY Camera Slider

Ball Bearing DIY Camera Slider for GoPro

With this slider design you can actually point your camera in any direction. The mount swivels on the L arm, the L arm swivels on the channeled plate and the camera tilts on its bolt.

DIY GoPro Mount

GoPro Dolly

DIY Slider

Steadicam Camera Plate - GoPro

You can fine tune the balance of your steadicam by sliding the mount on the channels until you get the right position. Please note that you should make all balance adjustments with the camera on the mount. More on this stabilizer design here: DSLR Steadicam - DIY Camera Mount.

GoPro Glidecam DIY Mount

DIY Camera Plate in DIY Steadicam

GoPro Mount for Steadicam

GoPro Glidecam

GoPro Steadicam

DIY GoPro Camera Stabilizer

GoPro HD on DIY Steadicam

Go outdoors and keep shooting videos!

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