Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Fine Knife Review

Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife

The Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Fine Knife is the neatest knife for the outdoor enthusiast. And, as usual, you can get it at a better price from Amazon.

The knife itself is light and the blade is made from high carbon stainless steel. The knife sheath has several features built into it including a knife sharpener, a fire starter (firesteel) , and an emergency whistle.

Bear Grylls Knife

Bear Grylls Gerber Knife Review

However, the thing I like most about this knife is the dual mounting option on the sheath.

You can use the traditional vertical hang down option on your belt or you can choose to have the knife situated horizontal along your belt for better concealment.

Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife

Gerber Bear Grylls Knife

Depending on what kind of activities you do outdoors (building shelters, cutting hard wood, etc) you can also get the serrated edge version which can be used as a robust mini saw.

Gerber Survival Knife

On the back of the sheath is a pictorial of life saving signals. It comes with an informative survival guide that explains, amongst many things, how to use your watch as a compass.

Survival Tips in Gerber Knife Guide

Firesteel Bear Grylls


All in all, this knife is well made and of high quality. Although the blade is thick and sturdy, the knife overall is light weight.

Even the plastic grip on the handle is seamless and shows no signs of separation or weakness and the whistle on the end of the handle is small and inconspicuous.

The amount of detail and consideration that went into designing this knife makes it well worth the price. The Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Fine Knife is an essential tool to take with you on any hike or adventure.

About the author: Wendy Leonard is a field biologist, a runner, and blogger from San Antonio, Texas. She entered the free gear program and got the knife from Gerber as a sponsorship. 

Note from Gerber - The fine edge version of the Gerber / Bear Ultimate blade is available exclusively at The original can be found at Amazon, but the new one is only available through the Gerber site.

PS by Constantin Gabor - A friend of mine has the Remix Serrated (see picture below) and I can honestly say I'm impressed with its quality and beauty. So while I don't actually own a Gerber knife nor do I particularly like Bear Grylls (I'm a Less Stroud fan), I give my vote for Gerber and their awesome products.

Gerber Knife - Remix Serrated

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  1. Sweet piece, I love mine. I definitely agree about Stroud v Grylls. Les has new stuff coming out soon.

  2. :-) I actually don't have a decent adventure knife - gotta get one.

    Yup - Less puts less of a show and he's more human & real than Bear.

  3. Les Stroud actually has a knife made by Norwegian knife maker Helle. The knife is handmade... which is fitting for Les. The knife is called the Temagami.


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