Alpine Rope Review - Edelweiss Discover 8.5 mm x 30 m

Mountaineering Rope Edelweiss

Hello, my name is Aaron Lawrence and I'm reviewing the Edelweiss Discover 8.5 mm x 30 m alpine touring rope.

I got this rope - courtesy of and Highball Blog gear giveaway - for glacier travel and short rappels, and it is perfect.

Super light weight, strong and handles very, very well. It's treated with "super-ever-dry" so it wont soak up water when plunging up a ridge. You can also use it on technical alpine treks and mountaineering tours to secure your comrade on the most exposed passages.

My climbing partner and I like it so much that we got another, and use them as twin ropes for technical ascents.

Bottom line - a great alpine rope that is always in my winter pack.

Mountaineer with Alpine Rope

Alpine Rope


About the author:  Aaron is a climber and mountaineer from California who joined the free outdoor gear program on Highball Blog.

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