Where To Buy Affordable Outdoor Technical Apparel - Lidl and Aldi Stores

Lidl Clothing - Aldi Clothing

We all like quality affordable technical outdoor gear, don't we?

The good news is: getting a cheap base layer is more accessible than you'd think (cheap as in affordable and durable, not as in poor quality!). Just visit your local Lidl or Aldi store once a week and you're bound to find decent/excellent outdoor apparel and gear.

Base Layer Power Stretch

They usually have weekly offers and the good stuff goes out of the shelves fast so you have to hunt your bargain. I know, this sounds too much as consumerism manifesto, but the quality price ratio is worth the effort.

Cheap Base Layer from Lidl

Men's base layer top made of polyester and elastane. Price: 13 Euro (10 Euro discounted price).

And we all know about the importance of layered clothing in winter tours, don't we? The base layer keeps us warm and dry.

Base Layer Detail - Elbow Stretch Spot

Take these gloves below for instance. They sell as work gloves (in German arbeithandschuhe which can be translated as work hand shoes - how cool is that?!) but they make a decent pair of mountain bike/cycling gloves.

Cheap Cycling Gloves at Lidl

Made of leather (synthetic I guess), neoprene, breathable technical fabric, silicone stripes at the finger tips; the palms are padded with gel cushions - there's no reason why you could't use them as cycling gloves. Price: 7 Euro.

Work Glove from Lidl

Cheap Mountain Gloves

I got a bunch of other items from Aldi Scotland (cycling jersey, cycling wind stopper) and they are all in good shape after years of exploitation. Some have branded fabrics in their composition (CoolMax by DuPont for example, Elastane/Spandex/Lycra, etc.).

Technical Wear from Lidl and Aldi

Wearing top of the line apparel from big brands is cool and we do that mostly for emotional reasons (we believe the notorious logo says something about us, we position ourselves as having a distinct set of values, etc). However, being a bit rational about this whole buying process leads us to better decisions and more cash left in our wallets.

You're not to blame for your high end gear (I'm guilty of that myself) but once you find good stuff at small prices, you'll fell awakened. :-)

There are items where you cannot compromise - like hardware gear: a bike, a pair of high altitude mountaineering shoes, an ice axe, etc. But for textiles, there's so much competition that you'll inevitably find high quality apparel at ridiculously low prices.

Just for kicks, pay a visit to your Lidl or Aldi store. You may find something cool.

Be safe!

Disclaimer: Even though I do approve sponsored posts and I endorse certain products and brands on this blog, this article is not sponsored by anyone. I genuinely like these store chains for their weekly outdoor clothing offers. 

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  1. Hi, I was looking for which brand these actually are, can you remember?

    1. Hey Nick! I think it was Civit or Crivit Sport - something like that.

      If you just go to a Lidl store and ask they can tell you. They have them on sale a few times throughout the the year.

      Hope this helps.


  2. Might give the Lidl baselayer top a go - yours is a good fit, what size did you get, large? Is it okay for your chest size?

    1. Mine is M. It fits just right. I'm 1,77 m high and 65-67 kilos.


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