GoPro Filter - DIY Kit

GoPro Filter

Here's an interesting tutorial by YouTube user BisdremisKostas on how to make your own DIY filter kit for your GoPro HD camera.

So this is a plastic adapter with Velcro straps that can accommodate a standard 55mm lens neutral filter or polarizer.

He also provides the Corel Draw file (.cdr) for you to download for free - get it here. Then you can take it to your local CNC machinery shop (milling shop) and carve out your own piece.

GoPro Polarizer

GoPro HD Filter

More info about shooting with filters and the benefits of using them in this article.

Shoot your outdoor adventures and keep your shots steady! :-)

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  1. This is Awesome!!
    Thx for the link and for the file too, even i just cant use CNC machine or what, like that :D


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