Ice Spikes for Shoes and Why Your Grandma Needs These More Than You

Ice Chains and Spikes for Shoes - Katoola

It seems that you can add chains and spikes to your trail running shoes so you can have a better grip on snow and ice. That's cool, right?

But honestly, I believe these products don't receive the proper attention.

Of course athletes know about this but what about the millions of senior people out of which thousands make the news every winter? The poor people fall on ice when going shopping and break their bones - are they aware of such anti slip protection?

So what I'm saying is instead of buying these for your sweetheart who's into trail running, why not buy an extra pair for your grandma or grandpa? Basically transform the ice grips from an ordinary piece if gear into an essential life saving (okay I'm exaggerating) accessory for your elder folks.

Micro Spikes fro Trail Running Shoes

What kind of ice spikes?

Two main prominent brands are Katoola (sporty) and Ice Trekkers (specifically for street walking) and both can be found on Amazon.

Ice Chains for Trail Running Shoes

A DIY can also do the job but it may not be worth the effort as these are not expensive.

If I were to manufacture something like this, I'd advertise it primarily as an ice-anti-fall protection for old or disabled people - their problem is much bigger and therefore screaming to be solved.

Athletes? They're just a handful of healthy and fully abled peeps. The million dollar market is elsewhere.

So who's selling ice chains and spikes for shoes in Walmart?

Miceo Spikes - Ice Chains for Shoes

Micro Spikes Katoola

Ice Trekkers Diamond Grip - Anti Ice Slip

Anti Slip Ice Grips for Shoes

Be safe and take care of your folks!

PS: Thanks to trail runners Sorin Ciribasa and Peng Shi for the info.

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