Kevlar Mountain Bike Tires by Specialized or How To Avoid Punctures

Kevlar Mountain Bike Tires

Specialized introduces the anti puncture bike tires Armandillo Anti Flat Technology.

Basically the tires have a nylon and Kevlar layer underneath the outer rubber. So you can ride long distances on rough terrain without the worries of getting a flat tire.

Danny Chew (The Million Mile Cyclist) rode 15,610 miles over an 11-month period and through a tough Pittsburgh winter without a puncture with the All Condition Armadillo Elite (700 x 23C) tire.

If you're a mountain biker then Ground Control Armadillo Elite is for you.

Specialized Mountain Bike Tires - Ground Control

Anti Puncture Bike Tires

MTB Shirt

Be safe and wear your helmet!

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  1. It is really important to know what tires suit you. Mountain bike tires looks more like normal tires but it's really better to use this in rough surfaces.


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