iPhone 4 Outdoor Case by CellHelmet

iPhone 4 Outdoor Case

How do you protect your iPhone when you're engaged into your favorite outdoor activity? What if it falls from your pocket? Will it break?

Finally, someone made an iPhone case that's built for the outdoors, without making it a brick. CellHelmet is the worlds first and only iPhone case to come with a safety net of insurance, in case if it should ever fail.

Made of thermoplastic polyurethane, CellHelmet is tough against drops and falls, but most important - CellHelmet guarantees to protect your iPhone.

If your iPhone 4/4S should accidentally break inside of a CellHelmet case, simply file a claim through the provided 1800 number, pay your $50 handling fee and get your device repaired or replaced (if deemed unrepairable). Water damage is excluded from the coverage, so don't plan on taking your iPhone down the river.

Outdoor iPhone Case with Insurance

And if things couldn't get any better, cellhelmet is manufactured 100% in the United States (Pittsburgh area).

Support the United States economy, while protecting your favorite Chinese-manufactured device - all for a really great price.

Outdoor iPhone Case Made in USA

Cellhelmet is currently available for presale at Kickstarter.com, where you can pick one up for $40 (MSRP $44.99 at cellpig.com). Manufacturing is scheduled for March 10th and cellhelmet will ship shortly thereafter.

iPhone 4 Case Dimensions

The guys at CellHelmet sent a case to John Kirby, one of the Highball Blog community members (athletes) and he'll come with an update on this article after some testing.

Be safe!

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