GoPro Focus and Zoom Lens - Take DOF Shots with Your GoPro HD Camera

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GoPro Zoom

It seems that you can also capture zoom and DOF shots with your GoPro HD - which normally comes with a fixed lens (no zoom and no focus).

All you need to do is replace the original lens with the 2.8 - 12 mm Varifocal lens. You can do this yourself by dismounting your cam (see video tutorial below) or you can send it to RageCams and they'll do it for you.

GoPro DOF Footage Test with Varifocal 2.8 - 12 mm Lens (taken with GoPro HD 2)

GoPro Zoom and Focus Lens

You can use the small levers just as a follow focus - pull one and you zoom in and out; pull the other and you adjust the focus and depth of field. Combine your DOF footage with GoPro stabilizer shots + DIY slider shots and you've got yourself a more artistic video.

GoPro Focus

This lens has a f1.4 aperture value and allows you close the view angle from 135 degrees (widest) to 55 degrees (narrowest). Once you have your subject in focus, just tighten the small screws and you're set.

You can also get it at StuntCams but they don't give too much info about mounting, and it's a bit more expensive.

How To Remove & Replace the Original GoPro HD Lens

How To Change GoPro HD 2 Lens

GoPro Lens vs 6 mm Lens

Stay focused and shoot your outdoor adventures!

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  1. Hmmm, interesting, especially if you got a couple extra GoPro's laying around. I'm not quite sold on the idea simply because of Ragecams video production quality.

    1. Yeah, one must have two cams to fully enjoy this coz once you change the lens, you cannot place your GoPro in the original housing. So you'll only use it as a handheld (or tripod mounted) camera.


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