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KAVU is a small Seattle based company that has been around since 1990. They specialize in both men’s and women’s outdoor apparel clothing. In addition to clothing, they sell bags, hats, sunglasses, and other accessories.

KAVU stands for Klear, Above, Visibly, Unlimited and they chose eco-friendly fabrics like bamboo, hemp, and good old-fashioned cotton.

I have been a fan of KAVU since I discovered their products a couple of years ago. Their women’s hand bags are my bags and purses of choice. I can tell you from personal experience that their products are durable and made to last. Plus, they are a small company and aim to please their customers.

The Seattle Sling bag is a new line of bags for women. Like most of their bags, they are canvas and have a nylon liner inside which adds to their durability. The Seattle Sling features an adjustable shoulder strap, an external cell phone pocket, key snaps (which I have found extremely useful from my previous bag), and many organizational compartments including pen holders (also very useful).

 There are two main compartments and a front and back pouch. The bag also comes in 10 different colors and designs.

Kavu Sling Bag - Interior and Pockets

The pros with this bag: the many different compartments make it easy to keep contents organized and features like the key snap and pen holders are an added plus.

The cons: unlike previous bags, the shoulder strap adjusters are plastic instead of what appears to be metal. However, this plastic appears to be thick and durable and not flimsy. Finally, the external cell phone compartment is a little too large but it is convenient to have.


The Seattle Sling is an inexpensive bag that is both durable and stylish. With its low cost and knowing how long these bags can last before they start to show some signs of wear and tear, I say this bag is well worth the price.

Kavu Bag

About the author: Wendy Leonard is a field biologist, a runner, and blogger from San Antonio, Texas. She's part of the group of athletes who regularly write gear reviews for Highball Blog.

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