Technical Hoodie Review - Röjk Helmet Hood

Outdoor Hoodie by Rojk

Disclaimer: This review is biased as hell. You've been warned.

Röjk is this cool young Swedish company that makes the ultimate outdoor technical hoodie.

Did I mention I'm biased?

Helmet Hood Tvister Hoodie by Rojk

What I like about this hoodie

First of all, the asymmetric design and the color combination is amazing.

I normally keep an emotional distance regarding items I own but this baby owns me... I'm hooked. Not to mention that I've been wearing them (they sent two; how can one not be biased?!) almost all the time, everywhere, ever since I got them.

Rojk Hoodie Piatra Mare and Ciucas

The lightweight Tvister fabric keeps you warm and dries quickly. While the interior looks like a fleece, the front is super fine and sleek - fashionable indeed.

And when you think they make this out of recycled polyester it makes you wonder: why don't the rest of the outdoor companies do the same? This is proof it's possible.

Rojk Hoodie

There's no hoodie without a hood, right?

This hood can actually replace your beanie. Double folded fabric (thicker than the rest of the hoodie), a rim to protect from wind and falling snow, it covers your neck and chin as to loose as little warmth as possible.

It's a Helmet Hood so let's put on a helmet

The interior of the hood comes in a different color so that adds to the sexiness. You can also fold out the hood and produce a two color collar - again, I'm falling for the fashion-like style of this hooded sweater. (Damn, I'm no Spartan!)

I can imagine the hood's utility when sleeping outdoors, like we do in our winter tours. If you think you need a cold head for a clear mind then I beg to differ. :-)

Rojk Technical Hood

Wearing Rojk Technical Hoodie

M size (dark hoodie) is close flitting and L size is a bit loose. Both size fit me well so I guess this goes for everyone: your regular size is close fit.

Rojk Super Hoodie Tvister Helmet Hood

Wearing Technical Hoodie in Postavaru Mountain

You can wear this as your second base layer - wicks moisture away from your body and gives you thermal comfort.

Since it's quick drying and smelly free, it's perfect for ultra light backpacking and alpine style ascents where you don't wanna carry extra clothing - what you wear is what you carry - that's the premise for freedom and peace of mind.

Helmet Hood Fine Texture Polyester

Helmet Hood Technical Hoodie by Rojk

Röjk is funny and cares about the environment

I love their humor and their approach to business.

Röjk has a solid manufacturing ethic. They make their items in Sweden or in EU, supporting the local economy and preserving the environment.

If you read the labels, you'll smile to the human and friendly tone in which they're written. For instance, the socks are made of certain ingredients and Anyways, you look damn good!

Rojk Socks Label

Rojk Hoodie Label

What I don't like about the hoodie 

As I mentioned in the video, the cuffs are rather loose and this can leave your wrists chilly. I'd make them elastic or even with a thumb hole to make sure your wrist isn't exposed to cold.

I've noticed some pilling at the hood - below the chin; my beard is the culprit - but that's expected and they disclaim it on the label.

Röjk delivers technical socks for happy feet

They also sent a few pair of merino and Primaloft ski socks. Love those as well!

Primaloft Socks by Rojk

They kept my feet warm in -15 degrees Celsius temperatures but this may also have been due to my new Mammut Meridian mountaineering boots. So they're snug and comfortable but I can't exactly tell the degree to which they're better than regular socks.

Now since technical socks are perishable just as any socks, I'm gonna wear these just on the mountains where keeping my feet warm is really important.

The ski socks are long, up on the calf, ending just below the knee so that's an extra insulation layer for your leg.

I recommend the thin merino socks close to the skin and then the thick Primaloft where two pairs of socks are necessary. Europe is currently hitting records for low temperatures (Feb 2012) so I was wearing the two pairs when the above photos were taken.

The Primaloft dries 30% faster and wicks 2 times faster than merino wool. So you have a neat combination right there, considering that wool keeps you warm even when it's damp.

Where to buy the Helmet Hood Tvister Hoodie

Röjk recommends The website is in Swedish and so are the prices (in Krona) but the currency conversion is done automatically when you buy online. Here's the page with all products.

If you use Google Chrome as your browser (I like it a lot) it will prompt you for translation so you can view the page in your desired language (English I presume).

Check out thier Facebook page as well - there's a lot of engagement. I believe you can communicate easier and faster on this channel if you want to place an order and you're not sure how to do it.

An excerpt on materials and sizes that from the website:

Material: 40% recycled polyester, 55% polyester, 5% span. 218 g/m2. Made in the EU. Recyclable. 

If unisex sizes: XS and S are the usual Women's size, equivalent to about Houdini's sizes. M-XL is more men's tailored in size but are slightly smaller in size. As a guy, you can then go up a size from what you usually have.


I'll leave that to you coz I'm affraid I'll go into hard selling if I go on.

I just love their products!

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  1. Just won one of these :D. HECK YES! I'm so excited to put it through it's paces and then give a highly biased review afterwards.

    1. Lol! We're on our way to loose our credibility. :-)

  2. Cheers for a great review Constantin, order placed!


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