5.11 Tactical Pants and Shirt Review

5.11 Tactical Pants and Shirt

I recently received the opportunity to review a pair of Stryke Pant w/ Flex-Tac and Long Sleeve Tactical Shirt Cotton from a company named 5.11 Tactical.

Now, you may think that this type of clothing is only for military/law enforcement personal but I can tell you that its functionality extends into the realm of any outdoor activity. I have utilized this style of pants in the past in combat zones and have found them to be excellent in function and look. Here is a YouTube video from 5.11 showing the pants in action:

5.11 Tactical Pants Pocket
5.11 Tactical Shirt Detail
5.11 Tactical Pants

Stryke Pant Specs
  • Self-adjusting tunnel waistband for comfort
  • Badge holder front belt loops
  • Quick access, low-profile angled pockets
  • Genuine YKK® zippers and Prym® snaps
  • Discrete double knee with interior knee pad pocket
  • Fade and stain resistant fabric
  • Retails around $75
Tactical Shirt Specs
  • Triple-stitch construction
  • 26 bartacks in high stress areas
  • Tough melamine buttons
  • Patented hidden document pockets
  • Reinforced pen pockets
  • Cape-back with moisture-wicking mesh
  • Hidden button down collar
  • 6 pockets; 9 colors
  • Tough 5.4-oz. cotton canvas
  • Retails around $55
5.11 Tactical Shirt Front

After utilizing this clothing for the past few weeks, I have come to the conclusion that if you are looking for cargo or military tactical pants, 5.11 makes high quality products. By choosing 5.11, you also avoid the less expensive versions.

I bought a cheap brand prior from a different company - they were not nearly as clean looking, comfortable or functional as the 5.11 pants. So I recommend spending the extra 20$ for the quality.

These pants are extremely comfortable and flexible. I was impressed by the fabric that would remain cool despite strenuous activities such as hiking. The cargo pockets do not rub the sides of the legs, yet remain professional looking by not sticking way out.

The tactical shirt has hidden document pockets that are also great for traveling and keeping important documents like a passport or tickets. The shirt has a very nice air vent that's great when you're wearing it in warm areas - it'll keep you cool.

Both the pants and the shirt are great pieces of clothing for camping and traveling along with military operations.

Here’s my overall breakdown:

  • The pants look great, are extremely flexible and functional (the flexible waistband is awesome and so are the “deep clip friendly hand pockets”)
  • The stain resistant fabric also repelled rain quite well and kept me dry
  • The cargo pockets are not bulky and keeps the pant looking professional
  • The shirt's hidden document pockets are a great addition for travelers and for military people as well
  • Shirt is well constructed and durable
  • After washing the pants, I can tell that the majority of the stain resistant coating will most likely wash away in the next few cleanings
  • The shirt seemed a little wide for the size but the correct arm length
  • Note: The shirt easily gets wrinkled after the wash and requires an iron to get the wrinkles out of the thicker fabric, and not even that did it for me. Something to note if you’re purchasing one of these shirts for uniform purposes…

Overall I found both of these clothing items to be well made and durable. The pants were far more comfortable to wear than the shirt which I found to be well constructed but extremely thick and the back vent seemed a little big for the everyday environment. The vent was useful only if I was on the range all day in the heat.

However, both items look extremely good and I can tell that they'll last a while. They're also well worth the extra few dollars if you’re looking to buy outdoor/military clothing.

5.11 Tactical Shirt
5.11 Tactical Pants Back
5.11 Tactical Pants Detail

Where to buy your tactical pants and shirt

About the author:  John Kirby is a Recon Marine veteran, a college student majoring in Environmental Science, and a fitness enthusiast from Seattle, WA.

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  1. Great review John. I actually have a 5.11 hiking shoe review coming soon too.

    1. Sweet!

      Looks like 5.11 has a "thing" for people named "John". :)

    2. I'll be sure to check it out. I was looking at some of their shoes today to see if I could review some. Look like quality.

  2. Tactical pants are useful to both officers and civilians.


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