Why I Sold Highball Blog

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Update: This was an April Fools Joke. :-) Some parts of the article below are true though. I hope you'll have an awesome spring and a sunny summer full of outdoor adventures.

You may ask why I sold Highball Blog to Demand Media. The short answer is: they made me an offer I could't refuse.

The long answer is: my consulting work and my offline solar panels gigs take too much time so I became rather inactive on this blog. But at the same time I'm happy to share the benefits of outdoor gear sponsorships with a small group of select people who have been writing the reviews lately.

So what's next? Who's gonna run this blog?

Well, I will be here for a while (at least one year). I'll be showing them how this thing works (not that they don't know) but mostly I'll serve as a consultant until the transition is completely made.

Basically, I'll explain my publishing philosophy (that sounds so pretentious, doesn't it?). We'll also talk about the main niches this blog covers:
And since they run big sites like eHow.com, Trails.com, LiveStrong.com we'll also talk about how we can grow this site to serve a larger audience. Of course, how this blog makes money is of interest to them as well and they'll bring their massive expertise in online content monetization. 

They usually show ads on their pages but if you ask me, I believe developing or promoting products that solve a specific problem is the most natural and unobtrusive way of making money with a website or blog. 

How much does Demand Media own?

Since I'll remain with them and contribute content and ideas to the blog, I kept 10% of the web business but I still hold full rights for developing physical products under the Highball name (like growing the T-shirt line and launching a brand of outdoor clothing).

What I'm gonna do after I leave Highball Blog completely

To be honest, I don't have a clue. And that was always a challenge for me.

I think I'll enjoy doing client work in the online marketing business and maybe start a new project of my own (either online or offline - or both). :-) 

Video production might be another path to follow. I'm particularly interested to shoot and edit social campaigns - like short spots that can convince people to NOT throw trash on the streets. Or short videos on liberal parenting (of which I happily benefited), education (nothing to do with school), entrepreneurship and motivation.

I'm a reactionary guy - I keep an eye open for clues and hints that life throws at me and follow through with action (partly scientifically, partly based on pure instinct).

How much money I got

The NDA I signed doesn't allow me to publicly state the amount I got. If you ask me again in 2016 then I'll be able to tell you. :-)

How you can grow a blog and sell it

The magic is in the details but to quote Chris Brogan I'll tell you the core thing you need to know:

Be helpful. Do it often.

Over to you

I started blogging coz I love sharing stuff and I enjoy having conversations with people who are more or less like me. If you're reading this, this means we may have some common ground.

Leave a comment below and let's keep the conversation going.


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  1. are you gonna come to USA now?

    where did you sign the contract?

    congrats by the way.

    1. Thanks, Mark!

      Yeah, I'll spend some time in Santa Monica at their headquarters and I'll also go to Austin.

      We signed a letter of intent in Europe and the advance is still in an escrow account. The transaction will take a while to be fully completed.

  2. Congratulations! Now you'll have to swing over my way too.

    1. Brant, I got you! :-)

      I'll swing your way eventually nevertheless.

  3. haha.. the transaction will probably be fully completed on April 1st 2013.. dude, you really had me going!!..

    1. Lol! That was the point. :-)

      Thanks for the comment.

  4. Happy April's Fool day, mate =) Had me there for a moment!


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