Atta Rupal 30 Backpack Review

Atta Rupal 30 Pack

You can never have enough backpacks. I haven’t always felt this way, but the more I climb, hike and go backpacking the more I realize that different backpacks are needed for different activities.

I picked up the Atta Rupal 30 to use as a fast and light alpine pack for single day summit attempts. 30 liters is the perfect size to carry the water, food and layers that are needed for a successful alpine climb.

The Rupal 30 is literally covered in extras. You have the usual standards that I think every pack should have, and most do, ice axe loops, floating top lid, mesh side pockets big enough for a full liter water bottle.

In addition to these features there are also straps across the pack that are covered in a rubber material that would work great to stow away extra gear that you either want to keep close at hand or don’t have room for in the main compartment.

On top of the lid are plastic strips to run webbing through to stow away even more gear. In addition to these extras there are an assortment of other straps and plastic rings to strap down whatever you might want to carry with you.

Atta Rupal 30 Backpack for Snowboarding

The pack is made out of durable Cordura nylon. Inside is just one main compartment to keep things simple. In addition, there is a pouch for a hydration pack. The padding on the shoulders and hips is adequate, but not great.

Atta Backpack

The back panel has padding down either side with a hollow middle to keep air flowing through. I do miss having a curved lumbar pad. The buckles are all thick and sturdy. I like my packs to be bright so that I’m easy to spot by my climbing partners or in case of some backcountry emergency.

Atta Rupal 30 Backpack


All in all the very thing that makes this a great pack could also be its downside. This pack is built to handle a lot of abuse, perhaps over-built. For me, I wanted a light pack for light loads. For someone else this may be the perfect pack to which you may strap everything you need for your adventure.

About the author: Ryan Hamilton is a climber and hiker from Utah.

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