Hammock Bliss Review

Hammock Bliss Sky Tent

Manufacturer Hammock Bliss
ModelHammock Bliss Sky Tent 2 Hammock Bliss Double 
Retail ValueUSD $129.95USD $64.95
Weight48 ounces22 ounces
Manufacturing CountryMade in Indonesia

Hammock Bliss is one of the leading manufacturers in the hammock business. Their focus is solely on hammocks and hammocking and it shows when perusing there website. The site is loaded with information.

You can check out reviews, videos, and hundreds of pictures. This is a company that takes hammocking seriously, but enjoys the lifestyle.

So for you - Lay back, let go, relax in bliss and read on.

Overall Aesthetics

The Sky Tent came in a dark blue medium sized stuff sack. The netting/rain fly was tightly packed into the sack. Upon opening the stuff sack I pulled out the Sky Tent and noticed that is was connected to the stuff sack. This was similar to the last hammock I reviewed - Grand Trunk Hammock Review.

I always appreciate the small details. Packing can become a drag when a storage sack goes missing. Combining the two minimizes any searching time. The Sky Tent comes in only one color Blue/Black.

Dimensions: 138" x 73" x 43"

The Hammock Bliss Double also came in a small dark blue stuff sack. Inside I found the stuff sack was also attached to the hammock. The Hammock Bliss Double comes in two colors: Tan/Green and Blue/Purple combination.

Dimensions: 6'8" x 9'10"

Weight capacity: 350 lbs


The setup for the Double Bliss Hammock was pretty simple. I looped one end around one tree and then adjust the rope accordingly for the other side and looped it around another tree. Grand Trunk Goods on the other hand implemented a carabiner which I thought was ingenious. Other than this difference, setting up the hammock was very similar to the Grand Trunk Goods Parachute Nylon Double Hammock.

The Hammock Bliss Double is also breathable, quick drying, and resists rot and mildew formation similar to the GTG hammock.

However, the major difference occurs between the rain fly/mosquito netting. The Sky Tent comes with a 75 denier polyurethane coated rain fly. This provides complete protection for anything hanging on the ropes, in the hammock, or underneath.

Hammock Bliss

Also, underneath the hammock you can place your lightweight gear to also prevent them from getting wet or muddy. I thought this was a clever idea, since the Mossy Net from Grand Trunk Goods reaches the bottom. So with the Mosquito Net you are protected from the creepy crawlies getting into your pack or shoes, but no protection from wetness on the ground.

As I mentioned before, hammocking is truly coming into its own. It has found itself a permanent niche in the world of outdoors.

The Hammock Bliss Double was taken with me on my last two backpacking trips along with the Grand Trunk Goods Double Hammock for comparison. I knew from my previous experiences that hammocking was an extremely smart way of moving about.

Weight differential between the two were relatively minute with the Hammock Bliss Double weighing an extra two ounces (Most likely due to the hanging rope used by Hammock Bliss). So the Hammock Bliss Double is just as ideal for the ultralight backpacker.

Similar to the Grand Trunk Goods Double Hammock I added a sleeping pad/mat into the hammock and a sleeping bag and was quite comfortable for the 3 days.


The hammock is extremely durable using parachute nylon and a weight capacity of up to 350lbs. The Sky Tent is also made using parachute nylon. The Sky Tent 2 has upgraded this feature by changing the base layer to a rip stop nylon in the Sky Tent 2.

Comparison (Hammock Bliss Double vs. Grand Trunk Goods - Parachute Nylon Double)


Maximum weight capacity: Grand Trunk Goods boasts an extra 50lb load.

Carabiner attachment: GTG offers carabiners with their hammock for easier attachment, while Hammock Bliss sells them separately

Color Options: GTG offers 4 color options

Packability: The GTG hammock comes in a smaller stuff sack. Roughly half the size of the Hammock Bliss Double sack.


Recommended Washing: Hammock Bliss Double is machine washable & dryable. (Huge time saver. GTG recommends hand washing & hang dry)

Stitching: Now this may seem like a minor issue, but I believe that the hammocks are only as good as the stitching. So any time damage in the stitching is noticed it’s a good idea to repair it before it becomes a bigger problem.

GTG and Hammock Bliss have near identical stitching and placement, but the difference is in the thread color usage.

Now why would this be a big deal you ask? The Parachute Nylon Double hammock uses colored thread that matches the two color combination of the hammock while Hammock Bliss Double uses all white stitching throughout the hammock. Now, aesthetically speaking the GTG obviously took time to think about presentation, but for repairs it is difficult to contrast between the hammock and the thread. This is why I think the Hammock Bliss Double has its advantages in the repair portion.

Hammock Bliss also uses an interlocking stitch which allows for flexibility and strength that they believe is superior to the other brands.

Hanging ropes:
  • Hammock Bliss hammocks use (100% nylon) 6mm climbing rope. Tested up to 770lbs the hammock definitely won’t have any problems due to rope failure.
  • Hammock Bliss climbing rope is also longer which allows you to hang the hammock in areas with wider access or to hang some of the extra heavier gear.
No-See-Um Netting: The no-see-um netting by Hammock Bliss uses an extremely strong material that prevents rips or tears. The pattern is composed of netting that boasts an average of 2100 holes per square inch.

Comparison (Hammock Bliss Sky Tent vs. Grand Trunk Goods – Mosquito Net + Forest Tarp)

Construction: The Sky Tent bottom can touch the ground or hang above; however the mosquito net drops down to the floor.

The bottom portion of the Sky Tent was originally made with parachute nylon similar to the Mosquito Net. However, the new Sky Tent 2 has upgraded this feature and added instead a rip stop nylon base layer. The main reason for this change by Hammock Bliss was to accommodate the user in areas where there no trees. This would allow the operator to use the Sky Tent 2 like a conventional tent if there is something to tension the ridge line with. It also:

  • Helps retain body heat
  • Provides storage space for lightweight items
  • Adds durability to the floor when placing it on the ground
Dual Features: The Sky Tent is a combination of a rain fly and mosquito net. GTG requires two pieces to be bought: Mosquito Net and Forest Tarp.

Cost: The Hammock Bliss Sky Tent runs ($129.95). GTG Mosquito Net (79.99) and Forest Tarp (79.99). (Prices may vary depending on the time when you read this)

Where to buy yours

Overall, I am still continuing to enjoy the hammocking experience. Especially with summer right around the corner I love the openness you feel in the hammock versus the tent. I also enjoyed the Sky Tent very much especially during the evening when the bugs come out. I also enjoyed the extra shade the Sky Tent rain fly adds.

The Hammock Bliss Double and the Sky Tent are great products and perfect for all seasons. I will not say which hammock I liked better, because in the end I believe it comes down to a matter of preference. So ultimately it comes down to you to decide for yourself.

Also, some extra information about the new Sky Tent 2 is the addition of the cinched opening which allows for a second hammock to hang inside the tent and the adjustable ridge line which employs a prusik knot.

I will also have a comparison following this review with Eagle Nest Outfitters which will complete my hammocking reviews for this year. I will also compile a short pros and cons list for all of the three manufacturers.

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About the author: JSO is a climber and hiker from Northern California. He's part of the group of athletes who regularly write gear reviews for Highball Blog. 

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