Sony and JVC Announce Their Action Cameras - GoPro Is Not Alone Anymore

Sony and JVC Action Sports Cameras

UpdateSony HDR-AS15 Action Video Camera (Black) is available for pre-order on Amazon. Separate accessories include: headband mount, waterproof headmount kit, handlebar mount, adhesive mount.
GoPro created the action sports camera market as we know it today, and now the big names in video equipment and electronics want a piece of the pie as well. And we can't blame them, right?

I'm particularly excited about the Sony cam - with CarlZeiss lens and their awesome SteadyShot image stabilization system. But what I really hope to get from these new cameras is a higher frame rate in video shooting mode. And neither is offering that...

Anything higher than 120 fps would be more than nice to have. That's coz I really enjoy shooting activities that look well in slow motion.

JVC GC-XA1BUS - ADIXXION is waterproof (no extra case) and offers built in WiFi so you don't need to buy a separate remote (unlike the GoPro WiFi Bacpac which sells separately).

So you can link your camera to your smartphone and then you're good to go - having full remote control over the cam via the phone interface. That's nice!

Sony didn't release their model on the market yet (September for USA and October for Europe) whereas JVC Adixxion is already available on Amazon.

Other features that will probably delight amateur filmmakers like me are the sensors and high quality optics:
  • 5M CMOS Sensor for JVC
  • Xmor® R CMOS image sensor, and an ultra-wide angle Carl Zeiss® Tessar® lens for Sony
Given the fact that Sony has tons of expertise in high end professional video gear, we can hope that some of their technology will end up in these consumer cams, pushing the limit a little higher - and giving us better video quality for less money.

Sony Action Camera

Now, I see GoPro as the equivalent of the iPad, RedBull and Camelbak - that is, each of these brands invented and established a new product category. (I think Hydrapak is better than Camelbak, by the way) :-)

GoPro is a short and memorable name, video quality is great, they have an extreme sports culture (which Sony and JVC don't have), they create great video content, they sponsor top athletes (just like RedBull, they are omnipresent at each sporting event) and they are the market leader - but most importantly, they own a share of people's mind.

I'm curious how the new players are gonna position themselves. Just as Camelbak and RedBull, GoPro owns so much in terms of culture and share of mind that it's gonna be tricky for Sony and JVC to compete for the same values. They may produce a better camera than GoPro but how are they gonna push it forward?

What do you think? Let's talk in the comments.

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  1. Thanks for the write-up. It’s exactly what this segment of the market needed... some real competition. Things are about to get interesting.

    1. :) Yeah!

      I want slo mo Phantom style for 300 bucks. Am I asking too much?


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