Samsung Galaxy Camera or How Android OS May Run on Your Compact Cam - Video

Samsung Galaxy Camera with Android Operating System

What if you could edit your pictures with professional software directly on your camera? And then upload them directly to your Dropbox online storage.

And maybe also track a GPS route while you're trekking outdoors. All done with the camera.

The future is here as Samsung is releasing its first camera to run on the Android operating system.

It's gonna have 3G and WiFi connectivity plus 8GB on board storage. How cool is that?!

Samsung Galaxy Camera Touch Screen Display

Basically, you'll have an Android smartphone (touch screen and all) without the phone application but with a real camera instead.

Now, this particular model is not perfect but it may be the beginning of a new era where each device will run with an operating system.

So instead of menus and firmware, you have an app that manages your compact camera.

Maybe with a given piece of hardware (the camera itself) we can install a few different camera applications, each with its' own functionality.

This means that instead of buying a new cam that shoots in a higher frame rate (for slow motion rendering), maybe all you need is to upgrade the app or choose a different application from an independent developer - thus you make your camera better with better software.

Seems reasonable.

What do you think?

Original story here. Video transcript below:

Samsung introduced the Samsung Galaxy Camera at the IFA Consumer Electronics Show in Berlin this week. The device is designed to combine the best features of a smartphone and a digital camera into one device but we quickly realized there's no traditional phone ;application.

Android users will recognize the familiar interface and be able to download apps from Google Play.

It takes a while for a camera to start up from being completely off, you'll usually end up keeping it in sleep or stand by mode and it awakes with the speed of a smartphone.

The camera shoots 16 megapixel pictures, has a large LCD screed and an impressive 21x optical zoom. It has a 23 mm f2.8 lens.

Inside it runs the latest version of Android, 4.1 Jelly Bean. And has a 1.4 GHz quad core processor.

Packed with technology and hardware, it would be a stretch to call the Galaxy camera, pocket size.

Let's test out the zoom. Let's see if we can focus in on someone far away - let's see how that shot is. Again, still a noticeable shutter lag between the time when I press the shutter between the time when the camera actually takes the picture.

And we're having some difficulty focusing here.

Here's a look of some raw images the camera shot.

There are a number of shooting modes on the camera. We have: Auto, Casual, Smart Pro and Expert. Under Casual still some more modes including Best Photo, Beauty Face, Best Group Pose, Smart Night.

Expert Mode ,lets you select settings that are familiar to DSLR shooters like shutter speed, aperture, exposure value and ISO.

In the few minutes that I was using the camera I got an error message that required the device to reset.

While the image quality is good for a camera its size, the shutter lag and bugs in the devices limit it from being a go to for photo enthusiasts. Also the price which hasn't been announced will have a big impact on the product's future.

For IDG news service, Nick Barber - Berlin.

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  1. If this phone would have the same functionality as the S3 (including descent camera & calling) and used the extra space it gets for being thicker for battery purposes. I'd buy this for sure. It is the perfect combination.


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