How To Choose Your Point and Shoot Camera - A Simple Way To Find Out What's Hot

Sony Point and Shoot Camera - HX9V

As any respected amateur filmmaker, you wanna have a small point and shoot camera for your outdoor videos.

By no means I'm saying this is a better alternative to a DSLR but, when size and weight matters, why not go for a smart compact cam? Or an Android camera, I may add.

So how do you choose your camera? Which one is the best for you?

Simple. Check out the best selling cameras on Amazon

Amazon, the biggest online retailer in the world, updates their charts hourly based on the number of units sold. And if people are buying these cameras, there must be a good reason for it - so read the buyers' reviews on Amazon.

You can usually get the best price for any kind of item on Amazon. Basically, don't buy anything until you've compared the other prices out there with the price on Amazon. When you pair the lowest price with free shipping, you'll get quite a bargain!

Check out the top selling cameras by category (Amazon US)
At the time of writing (August 2012) - GoPro HD 2, dominates a few charts. I'm curious how high the Sony action camera will climb since it's a direct competitor to GoPro. It's gonna be interesting. 

Top selling cams on Amazon UK
Top selling cams on Amazon Germany
Think a point and shoot is not enough?

Well, me too.

DSLRs and high end camcorders have better sensors, better optics and thus you'll get better video. But the compacts are catching up.

If you actually take your video shooting and editing a little more serious, you can do great work with a smart point and shoot camera (which may not be cheap - $300 or more).

I've done client work with my Sony HX9V so the camera is secondary.

It's more important how you shoot, how creative you are - and all this can be learned (plus, you'll improve with each video you make). Use a slider, a DIY stabilizer, a fluid head tripod and your shots will look cinematic.

Here's what you can do with a compact camera (video samples - my best work):

Click here to read how I stopped a train while shooting this video.

Over to you
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Be safe and shoot your outdoor adventures.

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