Should We Promote Outdoor Pristine Places? Or Why The Hell Am I Swimming with Plastic Bags?!

Plastic Bag in Ocean

So I'm out there swimming in the sea and once in a while I touch a jelly fish with my hand. And I go eeww...

But this year though, more than ever, I touched plastic bags instead of jelly fish.

The water is still and clear and I grab a beautifully colored (outside) aluminum coated (inside) empty bag of...Bake Rolls - how sad is that?!

Sin Rise at Tyulenovo - Black Sea
Tyulenovo - Bulgaria

A few years ago, this place (notice that I don't give out the name?) was just a peaceful fishermen's village on the rocky coast of the Black Sea.

Now you can find a Wikipedia article that says it's also a resort. TV stations made stories on it and, each season, the place gets crowded with people who leave trash behind.

People like me, post online videos and pictures with such places and word gets out. Others learn about the place and come to see it, right? It's beautiful so why would't they?

Now, I don't have anything against mass tourism as long as the environment is left unaltered. But I can't say mass tourism and ecology go hand in hand - especially in this place where there's no authority to enforce some rules in order to keep the place clean.

Cliff Jump at Tyulenovo - Black Sea
Cliff Jumping at Tyulenovo - Bulgaria
Cliff Jumping in Bulgaria - Tyulenovo

Over to you

So what do you think?
  • Is it worth spreading the word about virgin outdoor spots like this one?
  • Do we need to constantly police people to make sure they won't leave a mess behind?

Leave a comment and let's talk.

Be safe and cycle to work!

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  1. Whether or not you and others post videos or articles of a serene place, the word will spread. There really is only 3 things you can do to help prevent this. 1st-Spend your money in the local economy to help them so they can maintain the area. 2nd-Use the posted video and blog to do as you are doing to promote cleanliness. 3rd-Burry the dead offenders somewhere else far away to not pollute the serene areas.

    1. :-) I'd start with the 3rd option and maybe the rest will be discouraged. Of course, I would't kill them without a little torture beforehand - that's the proper way to do it! Lol. :-)

      Yeah, one of my old desires was shooting social campaigns. Short video spots to educate people as to keep the world clean. Gotta put my thinking hat on for that BIG idea.

      About spending money in the local economy - we do that. We eat lunch every day in a local restaurant.

      But this also leads to more restaurants being built, more people coming in, and more trash left behind.

      I'd love to see some environmental guards giving serious fines. Maybe that will help.


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