Highlight Hunter or How To Find The Highlights in Your Action Sports Videos without Watching Hours of Footage

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How do you find your best moments on video?

You have to watch through hours o footage just to find those few seconds when you fell off your mountain bike. Oh snap! Is that your best moment?!

Anyway, leaving my lame jokes aside, now you have a video editing software that finds all the highlights for you - Highlight Hunter (it's free).

How it works

It all starts with the shooting. Especially if you shoot long takes - as with the GoPro HD 2 while mounted on your bike or helmet.

After you capture a spectacular shot, one which you may wanna render in slow motion, you cover the lens of your camera to bookmark it.

Then you import your vids into Highlight Hunter and the software finds those scenes for you. That's it.

How to edit your videos

You can export those highlights as videos and further edit them in your favorite video editor.

I personally shoot short scenes so I haven't used Highlight Hunter but I see the folks mounting their cams on their car dashboard (to capture accidents or traffic events, etc) so I guess they could use this software.

Also the GoPro community of kayakers, mountain bikers, snowboarders and skiers can benefit by using the program to find their best shots.

What do you think?

If you download and use Highlight Hunter, reply with a comment below and tell me if you think I should be using it.


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