About the GoPro iPhone App, WVIL Artefact Camera and The Future of Android Cameras

Artefact Camera
Android Camera

Now that you can control your GoPro HD camera with your smartphone, I guess having a remote makes no sense. Unless you don't have a smartphone, of course.

But who's gonna not have a smartphone and want to do remote video shooting in a few years?

I mean, what today is seen as remarkable technology innovation, it'll be standard common stuff by tomorrow.

So we have the GoPro app, we have Android cameras - what's next?

No more menus - It's time for operating software

The most important shift will be the operating software that our future cameras will run on. It can be Android, it can be Apple's OS - who knows?

GoPro iPhone App

As for built-in hardware capabilities the future camera must have at least:
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
Once we have that, imagine the possibilities:
  • Pair your camera with your smartphone and you no longer need a remote.
  • Take beautiful zooming video shots without touching your camera. Leave it on it's tripod, and do your thing on your phone - since you don't touch the camera, there's no shaky footage.
  • Program you cam to take timelapse shots every x seconds - all within the app on your phone.
  • Control your focus to get those DOF shots for a cinematic look.
  • Install an app of your own and run your camera as you want. Basically, you can create a new software to run the camera.
  • Turn off the display of the camera and save battery life while viewing the live capture on you're phone's display.
  • etc.
Motorized sliders controlled by smartphone apps

Yup - it's coming.

The guys at Rhino Camera Gear who made the famous Rhino Slider (and the Rhino Steady camera stabilizer), are announcing a motor to be controlled with a smartphone application.

It seems that shooting those night moving timelapse vids is gonna get easier. Can't wait for that!

Rhino Slider Pro
Rhino Steady Flying Camera Stabilizer

WVIL camera concept by Artefact

WVIL stands for Wireless Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens. It's made by ArtefactGroup - a product design company.

It has a full frame sensor, detachable lens that communicates wirelessly with the body and an runs on a mobile operating system which allows you to install apps. Simply amazing!

Artefact WVIL Camera
Future Camera by Artefact
Future Camera
WVIL Camera by Artefact


Film making just gets easier by the day. And I see myself buying a new camera that's an Andoid DSLR or a compact full frame like this WVIL thing.

Canon, Sony, Nikon - are you getting this?! :-)

Over to you
  • What do you think?
  • What other innovations you expect to see in the photo/video camera industry?
  • Did you find any notable concept cameras online? If so, drop a link in the comments.
Let's talk.

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