Rumors Confirmed: GoPro Hero 3 Launched and Why GoPro Is The Action Camera Leader

GoPro 3

It's no longer a rumor.

GoPro launches Hero 3 (also available on Amazon) and proves to be a leader in the action camera space once again. They also introduce two new premium accessories:
  1. LCD Touch BacPac Display
  2. The Frame mount
It's smaller, lighter and 2X more powerful. Check out the videos below to see image quality and features.

It seems that they use a RotoR mount in some shots.

The cam comes in 3 versions:
Black Edition packs the best features like 720p @ 120 fps video (and 240 fps in WVGA mode 848/480 -  slow motion, baby! ), professional lens (2x sharper), built in WiFi and better image capture in low light.

Here's a comparison chart for the 3 cams.

GoPro LCD Touch BacPac
LCD Touch BacPac by Gopro

GoPro The Frame Mount on Bike Handlebar
GoPro The Frame Mount

Why GoPro is the action camera leader

The way I see it is this: it's gonna be hard for the other players (like Sony) to gain market-share, let alone mind share, as GoPro has already too many advantages:
  • Great, short memorable brand name (synonim with the product category). When you say Lemme get my GoPro, we all know what you mean. On the other hand, saying Lemme get my Sony HDR AS15 Camera makes me reply Huh?!
  • Great URL for the website. I mean - how cool is that? Just like, GoPro is a household name.
  • Unique square-ish design. Sure, some say it looks like a toaster but when you have it on your helmet, people go like Hey, what's that? and you say It's a GoPro camera. Bam! That's how you gain mind share.
  • Waaaay more fans who continuously upload GoPro vids to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and what not.
  • A crazy viral momentum powered by all the factors above, including mentions in media, blogs and forums.
You just gotta love these guys, right? The do have an awesome product!

GoPro Hero 3

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  1. Gotta love them.......not so much, everyone whos purchased the Hero 2 feels completely conned, the argument I hear is that technology changes fast...well they held up the wifi app for so long to ensure people would buy the wifi pacs then all of a sudden SURPRISE.
    Every single hero 2 owner would have waited to get the hero3 with integrated wifi, better lense etc etc
    very unhappy

    1. I agree. It wasn't a fair treatment for their fans...

      They should start a trade-in service if they continue to release a new version each year.

  2. "An awesome product" indeed. In terms of conning their fans, I think it's safe to say that GoPro was always going to release a new camera before Christmas, especially with Sony, JVC and Contour all unleashing new cameras recently.

    However, I agree that for those who have recently purchased Hero 2 accessories, like the WiFi BacPac, this must be VERY annoying.

    1. I withheld buying the HD Hero 2 - I borrowed it from friends when I needed it. I'm not sure I'll be able refrain myself from buying this model though.

      True, a new model is always to be expected before Black Friday and Christmas.

      But promoting all the extra hardware (WiFi BacPac, Remote) just to release a new model with all of those included is kinda...not fair.

      Anyway, they're the Apple of cameras now. People will be in line for this.

  3. Have you seen the new Action Shot Camera? The commercial makes it look very cool, and something that both young kids and active adults will love. Youtube videos will be easier than ever!

    1. I'm too much into GoPro to be excited about something else at this point... :-)


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