GoPro Editing Software Giveaway - Got a New Camera for Christmas? Get The Program Here

GoPro Editing Software Giveaway - Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus
Update: The contest has reached its deadline and the winner is Ady Nechita, responsible for the base jumping videos in Bucegi Mountains (first time ever). Thank you all for entering! Subscribe to not miss future software giveaways!
You probably got a new camera.

Either as a Christmas gift or as a birthday present. Or maybe you just bought one for yourself. Doesn't matter. (Was it a GoPro?)

What matters though is you wanna shoot and edit videos.

So if your current video editor can't handle MP4, MTS (AVCHD), MOV or MKV files, here's your chance to win an easy to use, yet powerful, video editing software: Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus.

I use it to edit all my GoPro videos and more. It works with most files formats so you don't have to convert your videos. Simply drag them onto the timeline and start editing.

How to enter the contest

1. Share this article on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

2. Fill the form below and click Submit at the end.

Make me choose you

We usually use to draw a winner but this time I want you to have higher chances.

Download the free trial of Magix here and manual here.

Then register your video editing program with your email so you can enjoy 30 days of full functionality with no watermark.

Edit a cool video and upload it to your YouTube channel by 15 January 2013 - that's the deadline for the giveaway.

Make sure I watch it by dropping a comment with a link to your video. Comments are queued for moderation so if you don't see your comment right away, don't worry. I read every single one even if I publish them at a later date (that's coz sometimes I'm offline a few days in a row).

So fill the form, download your software, edit your video and let me know when you have it up on YouTube.

It can be any kind of video: extreme sports, funny video, tutorial, etc.

Oh, and if I like your video best, you'll also get a free copy of Magix Photo Manager Deluxe to edit and organize your photos.

That's about it. Leave a comment if you have any questions.


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  1. Hi thank you for the giveaway, here is a link of my video

    1. Thanks, Igor! You're in.

      Congratulations for the baby! :)

  2. My daughter received a very basic camera/video camera for Christmas and this software would come in handy to avoid the whole conversion process, which is confusing for a younger person just learning how to use the camera.

  3. I completed the form above and I shared this article on FB. Good luck to us! :)

    1. Cheers, you're in. I'll have a look at all the YouTube channels after the 15th of January and I'll announce the winner.

      Good luck to you indeed! :-)

  4. Hi there, I made a video a couple of months back using Magix Movie Edit Pro 16 as thats what I have and I would love to have the latest software as I want to go into making short films when im older! thanks :)


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