How To Make Hyperlapse Videos - Improvised Rig with a Cabelcam and a Slider Motor (Digislider)

Hyperlapse Cablecam Rig
Here's a way to shoot a hyperlapse video (long distance moving timelapse) that doesn't require moving your tripod for every shot.

We're using a DIY cablecam, a climbing rope (red line), a strong nylon thread (green line) and the slow motor from the motorized Digislider.

This is perfect for indoors where there's no wind but I assume you can do it outside as well (on a calm day).

You wanna have a slant in the support rope - as the cablecam travels along the line, the thin rope is always tight and pulling in. You basically either let the rig descent on the rope or let it climb on it.

We have the slow motor which, at its fastest speed, is moving the rig at 1 meter/5 minutes.

Video by Ciribasa Sorin - post production and image stabilization made with Adobe After Effects.

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