How To Vlog with a GoPro while on a Bike - DIY GoPro Pole for Your MTB

GoPro Bike Pole
Will this work? (Update: see video below)

I gotta test it and update this with a video but for now, here's my DIY GoPro pole.

Get an aluminum bar like this one, strap it along the frame of your bike with velcro tape and you're done. I used this bar for the rotor mount as well.

It might wobble on rough terrain but it should work well while rolling on smooth surfaces (roads). I'm thinking about using this setup for vlogging just to make it more interesting.

Speaking to a camera is embarrassing in itself so why not make it even more embarrassing by doing it in a public place while cycling?

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Sound taken separately with a Sony voice recorder and a lapel mic that I kept under the collar of the jacket (to avoid wind noise). Check out the sound tutorial.

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