Bouldering in Ticino, Switzerland

Some of my friends are in Switzerland right now, bouldering in Ticino.
Ticino is a canton, well known for its world class bouldering sites:
  • Cresciano - home of the mythical boulder problem "Dreamtime", first climbed by Fred Nicole and made famous by Dave Graham (video shown below)
  • Chironico - best bouldering spot in Ticino, in my opinion
  • Magic Wood - suitable for summer (shady and north oriented), renown for riverbed problems
We had a trip in November 2008 when most of us broke their own records in sending hard problems.

Dave Graham on Dreamtime

The team, the van, the crash pads

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  1. That looks like fun - I've never done anything like it. And that little home looks cozy. I bet you all had a great time. I wish there was somewhere around here to do more outdoorsy stuff.

  2. Constantin...I just wanted to thank you for following my photo blog. And I wanted to say that your pictures are captivating! At 60 years old...I think this sport is beyond me! At one time however...I would have been right on those cliffs with you! Also, Switzerland is my most favaoite country in the world. I spent time there during my earlier days and still are the best memeories of my life. Keep having fun and stay safe!

    Also...Hi Heather! I saw your comment above!

    Dan Felstead

  3. I was there in 2007 really liked gothardo as well. The pictures have me scanning Ryan air already.


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