How To Fix a Flat Bike Tire

I've learned that some bikers don't know how to fix a flat tire on their bike.
Of course, there are many "How to" resources and tutorials out there. This is just one of them.

Also, this video on how to fix a flat bike tire may help.

  • You don't need the yellow levers the guy uses in this video; any slim pointed object like a a key, a small wrench will do just fine.
  • After you remove the tube, pass your fingers along the inner side of the tire as to feel any sharp object that may have created the puncture; you may find small pieces of glass, wire, nails, staples.
  • Inspect thoroughly the tread of your tire as you may find objects (sharp pieces of rock, etc.) that only half penetrated the tire - these objects may not have created your current flat but they can cause a future one as they will go deeper into your tire till the tube is reached and punctured. Mountain bike tires tend to gather such sharp objects in their soft and thick rubber.
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