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Climbing T-shirt - Stay Motivated
Motivation is key in everything we do. Whether is endurance sports, study or work, the best outcome will only emerge when motivation is high.

When I was younger and started climbing, I had this strong motivation for power training. I consulted climbing websites and printed out training sessions so I could work the heck out of me on my fingerboard. My progress in climbing was ultimately caused by my forearm power and of course the confidence that comes with that. I knew I was strong, I knew I could hang on bad holds for extended periods of time so this gave be the boldness to climb harder and more exposed routes.

These days, however, I am much weaker and my climbing is based more on experience, footwork, diet (oats porridge) and optimized energy consumption while ascending. To be honest this suits me beautifully coz I found myself climbing for pure joy and not for a specific goal (a certain route, grade or competition). My training consists of climbing either outdoors or in the gym. No more maniac pull ups and dead hangs - I do some of these though but not as many as when I was young and dumb. I also keep my general fitness through mountain bike cycling, trekking and mountaineering.

Here you can read some thoughts about climbing, motivation, ego and life by Chris Sharma.

Climbing Vector DesignDownload this climbing drawing for your T shirt or hoodie in:
Climbing Vector - T-shirt PrintDownload this climbing drawing for your T shirt or hoodie in:
Enjoy your climbing adventures!

P.S. Stay motivated!

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