Climbing Vector T shirt Design - Feeling Pumped?

My suggestion for printing your climbing T shirts and hoodies
Climbing T shirt Design
My first climbing experience reminds of one single thing: I got really pumped! Sore forearms, hard and thick as my calves and lots of stupefaction for being that weak - that's how it was.

I have a funny story related to this particular climbing design: I printed this drawing on yellow T shirts and I gave some to my friends. One of them - Rus Bogdan - accidentally put the T shirt and a pair of jeans into the washing machine. He learnt two things after this "mistake": one - the jeans were fading and two - he liked the new color of the T shirt better (it became a blend between yellow and green like you can see in the picture above).

Get this drawing for free in vector format and edit it as you like. Don't forget to browse through the other climbing and biking designs available in the Free Stuff section of Highball Blog.

Jug: This is a large hold easily gripped with the entire hand. It can also be a large hole that is easily and solidly gripped. Source:

Climber Vector Drawing for T shirt PrintDownload this image in:

Download this image in:

Enjoy your climbing adventure and beware of lactic acid!

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