Indoor Climbing Video with Paul Robinson - Filmmaking Competition from Reel Rock Film Tour

Here's a climbing video from BigUp Productions who are also announcing the Reel Rock Film Tour - filmmaking competition - on their blog.

This year's event is also sponsored by Goal0 - they are my biggest sponsor on Highball Blog - so this means if you win the video contest you'll also get gear from them, not only from Petzl, Evolv, Windstopper, North Face and Sterling Rope.

Boy do I wanna participate in this!!! I don't know how I will be able to export in reasonable quality my video in order to submit it but I must find a way. I edit GoPro HD footage on a Dell laptop and that's not enough for high quality video...

The idea is to create a two minute video related to climbing. There are no other restrictions and comedy/spoofing is encouraged. I got my thinking hat on.

Video found on Paul Robinson's blog - a climber and bouldering master from Boulder, Colorado (this town is predestined to produce bouldering addicts) who visited our climbing gym here in Brasov in 2009. Notice the little girl doing some incredible stuff on the campus board at the end of the clip.

I find it extremely helpful for lifting up morale and building motivation to watch climbing films. Don't forget to get outside though...

Go climbing and shoot videos!

Goal0 is an exciting new company making rugged, renewable power solutions for adventurers around the world. They're offering a Sherpa Adventure Kit, which is the perfect way for all you filmmakers out there to keep your cameras and laptops charged while out on a shooting expedition.

The Sherpa kit consists of a foldable and portable solar panel, a 120 W battery pack from which you can charge almost any device via USB or DC output, an universal adapter so you can plug your portable computer, and a three Watt LED lamp (Estrella), which by the way is my favorite. I love the white flood of light it delivers and the various possibilities to hang it with the malleable silicone cord and the small carabiner - I even use it at home for night reading :-).

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