How To Improvise a Tripod Mount for Your GoPro Camera

GoPro HD Tripod Mount ImprovisationWhen I ordered my GoPro HD action sports camera I didn't think I would need a tripod mount for shooting outdoor videos or photos. It turned out it wouldn't had been a bad idea to get one.

But since I embrace DIY and improvisation I gave it a shot in making one. I used the plastic plate on which the camera is mounted when you get it boxed. I failed! And then I just used the helmet mount which I strapped onto the tripod head - it was that easy!

The advantages of improvising a tripod mount
  • You don't need to carry additional pieces. The GoPro accessories are small and easy to loose and if you choose to use the helmet mount on your tripod you just solved the problem. You are more likely to carry the helmet mount all the time.
  • The quick release buckle is your friend. Just have a look at the original tripod mount for GoPro camera and you'll see it cannot work with any of the quick release buckles (that's just silly). In order to use it, you must unscrew the camera from your mount and then fix in place the tripod accessory and then mount it on the tripod - too much work for an action sports camera!!! With my improvisation (I'm sure others have figured it out as well) you can have your camera on the tripod in a snap.
  • It makes you feel smart and self reliant! - this is my biggest motivator - :-)

The GoPro tripod mount

Shoot that outdoorsy thing you're doing. Cheers!

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  1. Pretty sweet. I love the honest look and walk through of the whole event, from the first fail to the feeling really smart part. I really enjoyed the post... and the tripod!

  2. Nice post man. I just recently got a Go Pro, and I've been loving it! If I ever need to hook up to a tripod, I'll keep this in mind!

  3. @Dermatologist. Thanks! Please add an email to your web page. I would like to contact you.

  4. @ Greg Show us some videos you shot with GoPro.

  5. Brilliant! I can save some bucks. Thank you! ;)

  6. Smart! Thanks for this! :)

    The helmet mount is the most versatile accessory.


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