Cycling Banned in America?! - Black Hawk

What we normally know to bring health and physical fitness - cycling - was banned for "health and safety" reasons in Black Hawk, Colorado.

The benefits of cycling seem to be unimportant for the officials of Black Hawk and thus they decided that car traffic is a priority as it brings clients in the local casinos. Profits for a handful of casino owners and loss for thousands of clients who come to gamble are priced higher than fresh air, true health and the well being of sport lovers.

Sadly while the gambling industry creates and concentrates wealth in the hands of few people it also feeds a terrible addiction which often causes despair, divorce, insanity and ultimately poverty. In the long run there's no way this will bring any good...

This is a call to all cyclists and/or bloggers who want to support the movement: I suggest you gather in huge numbers and organize Critical Mass in Black Hawk on 30 July 2010 and prove once again that We Are Traffic!!!

You may want to rehearse flooding the streets with bicycles in Black Hawk before 30 July. I'm sure you want it to be perfect! ;-)
Pro-cycling groups are getting ready to challenge the even bigger danger here than cycling - the precedent of such a ban on bikes.
I'm with the cyclists! Are you?

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  1. I'm not a big fan of Critical Mass, thinking it creates more animosity towards riders, but that doesn't mean anyone else shouldn't do it. Better to work on getting pro-bicyclists elected who could do some good with all that casino revenue.

  2. True. But the nice thing about Critical Mass is that it cannot be attributed to anyone. :-) It's just like a flash mob on bikes - people get outside for a ride. It cannot be illegal. :-)

    The guys who manage casino revenues drive luxury SUV's. They won't let a cyclist so easily within their "inner circle". It's worth trying though. A charismatic guy can definitely meet both the cyclists needs as well as cater to the casino people (clients and other stakeholders).

    However I would LOVE to see a huge mass of cyclists in Black Hawk next month!!! Just for pure evil pleasure, I know... :-)

  3. In Denver, Colorado a huge mass of people gathered for this bike ban issue.!/event.php?eid=103527109700059&ref=ts

    In Black Hawk, Colorado if someone rides their bicycle on the main street, then they will get a ticket of $68 as a penalty issued by the local police.


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