How To Do the Bunny Hop and a Free Ollie Design for Your Bike T-shirt

Ollie T shirt BMX DesignDownload this drawing for your trial bike T-shirt in vector format here.

Trial Bike T shirt Design
The Bunny Hop is in cycling what is the Ollie trick in skateboarding. Sometimes cyclists refer to this trick as the Ollie - so no matter what sport we're talking about it's basically the same thing: trying to get airborne with your bike (or skateboard) as to fly over an obstacle.

I'm still struggling with it...

If you wanna learn how to do it you must follow two pieces of advice:
  1. Learn from those who can do it - either in person or from video tutorials
  2. Practice until you do it right
Below are three videos that are supposed to teach you how to do the Ollie or the Bunny Hop bike trick

Stunt Bike T shirt Print SuggestionMy suggestion for printing your BMX/trial bike T-shirt and hoodie

This bike T shirt design was obtained from a vectorized photo taken by George Stroie (nickname: Bivuacu) - climber, video producer, web designer running Bivuac Media company.

Do the bunny hop!

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  1. Sweet collection of videos, love the t-shirt idea!

  2. I remember learning how to do all of these crazy tricks on my bike. Too bad this shirt wasn't around a few years back!

  3. @ Omega - Now you can download for free and print the Bunny Hop T shirt for yourself :-).


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