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DIY Climbing Hangboard - Fingerboard

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You Also Get 3 FREE Bonuses - Climbing T Shirt Designs:
  1. Deep Water Solo T-shirt
  2. Highball Bouldering T-shirt
  3. Top Rope Forbidden T-shirt (Funny)
Climbing TshirtRock Climbing T shirtBouldering Tshirt - Climbing

Climbing T shirt Design - Crimper HoldDownload this design for your climbing T-shirt in vector format (SVG) here

Getting your fingers strong for crimpers takes time and patience. Before each training session you must warm up thoroughly and work your way slowly as to get stronger on small edges. Only then you will be able to say you love crimpers.

When training on a hangboard you may wanna alternate your crimp grip with open handed grip making sure to use more of the latter. An open handed grip is far better and less prone to injure your fingers/tendons even when exercising pull ups and dead hangs on all types of holds.

Crimpers Climbing T shirt Print Climbing T shirt Print SuggestionMy suggestion for printing your climbing or bouldering T shirt and hoodie

Drawing of climber holding a lateral crimper with his right hand and chalking with his left hand - made by Gabriel who's working on his new artwork website - Zdbaw. Check out his other work and feel free to ask him to draw a custom design for you - it can be logo design, T shirt design or even a comic book. He also designed the icons in Brasov Rock Climbing Guide Book.

Go climbing!

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  1. Istvan

    Cool design but what is the SVG format for? Can I open it with photoshop?

  2. Hey Istvan!

    My expertize with Photoshop is limited (zero actually). I'm not sure whether it works or not.

    Instead you can use Inkscape - open source vector graphics editor - for modifying this T shirt design.

    Let me know how it goes. Cheers!


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