How To Build a Steadicam - Glidecam for Smooth Video Capture

Test Video - Shot with My DIY Steadicam

Everything I know about building a DIY steadicam is now is in this new guide. Learn how to get amazing cinematic video with this cool gadget that you can build using parts from your local hardware store.

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DIY Steadicam Glidecam for GoPro HD DIY Camera Stabilizer

A glidecam is a device used mostly in professional video shooting that enables the camera operator to follow the subject (walk or run) on uneven terrain without transfering any of the bumps to the camera. Since an original Steadicam (trade mark) costs several hundreds of dollars or more, it's more convenient to build your own glidecam on a budget as low as $30.

Since I'm no longer selling the DIY Highball steadicam, you may wanna check out these other camera stabilizers. Click on any picture.
GoPro Smoothee Stabilizer by Steadicam
Glidecam HD 2000
Flycam Stabilizer
Check out the stabilizers on Amazon CanadaAmazon.UK and Amazon.DE.

The result of using a DIY camera stabilizer is smooth footage just like in the movies - adding an artistic touch to your videos.

The model I suggest you build consists of a PVC pipe gimbal, a skate ball bearing, a threaded bar, weight plates made of laminate flooring, bolts, nuts and washers (as weights). All the materials you need for this project are available in any hardware store at reasonable prices - basically each item is pretty cheap.

An easier version to build is the Merlin design - made of a ball joint or an universal joint and a bearing. However, I believe the regular glidecam has more advantages than the Merlin.

I use it mostly with my GoPro HD camera but it can accommodate other type of consumer cameras as well, including compact photo cameras.

DIY Glidecam & Camera Stabilizer Resources
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Shoot your outdoor adventures!

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