Magix Edit Pro 17 Quick Review - Clicking Noise (Sound Issue)

Magix Edit Pro 17

Update 20 Feb 2011: The sound issue can be fixed if you export your clip at 29.97 frames per second (no more clicking noise). Also, Magix has released patches that fixed this. 

What I love about Magix Edit Pro is that it allows you to import MP4 video files. This helped me a lot with my GoPro HD video editing.

You don't need to convert the MP4 clips, just import them directly, edit them and then export in MP4. Pretty neat!

So I've been using Magix Edit Pro version 15 and 16 for editing my outdoor videos since January 2010. While I love the workflow and the editing capabilities of the program, there is always something wrong:
  • I can't create projects longer than 2-3 minutes. All my videos longer than 3 minutes were done by merging 2 or more clips - clips that were edited and exported beforehand. These problems are not exactly software related but they're more a consequence of me running Magix on a weak laptop computer. One can't expect to edit HD without dedicated video graphics card...
  • When I do manage to export a video - the original quality of the footage is lost... Even if the output is in HD, the image itself looks pixelated. And sometimes I get this strange effect that blurs the footage at every second (like at 33 seconds playback in this climbing video).
Okay. The video editor is not perfect but I work with it nevertheless (I purchased it). I don't want to go through the trouble of using an MP4 to AVI converter coz it takes too much time and the resulted AVI files occupy too much space on my hard drive.

And here's the point of this article:

Magix released version 17 of Movie Edit Pro.
  • It works GREAT! It imports long videos seamlessly. 
  • You have good preview of footage even after adding effects (such as time lapse)
  • The image quality of exported files is as sharp as the original!!! That's new for me! :-)

If you add soundtrack (or keep the original sound of the footage) you get a clicking noise in your final video... Everything's perfect except this sound issue!

See my video below to understand what I'm talking about (edited with trial version).

Now I hope their developers jump on this bug and fix it quickly coz I have to get my videos out there with sharp audio as well.

Are you also having the same sound problem with Edit Pro 17?

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  1. Weird.I don't have that problem with my video. Could be your settings you've used to export it?

  2. Or maybe it's my laptop again... I just used the same settings as I did with Magix 15 or 16.

  3. I wonder why there is this overwhelming glitch. I haven't used this, and I probably won't until these issues get resolved.

  4. Yeah... I'd like to use it on a regular basis but the audio drives me nuts...

    It works so much better and faster than the other versions. That's even more annoying. :-)


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