I Never Win Anything...Until Today!

Brant Dempster

This is the most rewarding reason for which I like to write and post stuff on Highball Blog - receiving emails like the one below:

Hey Constantin guess what? I came home from work today and found an envelope on my door step. I thought "I didn't order anything", "What's this for?, It's got my name on it, maybe it's a letter bomb?"

I opened it up and the letter said:
Congratulations on being a contest winner on Highball Blog. We hope that you enjoy your prize! Please check out our full line of climbing gear and accessories at www.appoutdoors.com.
Amy Nelson, web depart. manager
Wow! A nice Black Diamond, 7kN, screwgate, aluminum 'biner. It is sweet! That was a contest worth entering :) Thanks for letting me know to enter.


Check out Brant's rope access blog.

I wanna thank again to all people who stop by and leave a comment. I wish you the best!


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  1. My chalk came today Constantin - thanks!

  2. Cool Kovas! Glad to hear that. AppOutdoors delivered! :-)

  3. I'll be the third to thank you Constantin, and AppOutdoors. The quickdraw came today. Keep it up!


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