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Gear Giveaway - Wolverine Trekking Shoes

UPDATE 31 March 2011: This giveaway has reached its deadline.

Thank you all for entering. Stay tuned for other giveaways! ;-)

Winners are as follows:
Thank you Wolverine & OutsidePR for the opportunity!

Here's your chance to win a free pair of hiking shoes from Wolverine.

We're talking about two pairs actually:
  • one for women
  • one for men
What you need to do to enter the gear giveaway
  1. Go to Wolverine's Facebook Page and like them up, that is hit the Like button. And why would't you like them? They're giving you free hiking shoes. :-)

  2. Share this article on Facebook and/or Twitter. Be cool, don't keep this opportunity just for yourself. The social share widget is just below this article.  

  3. Write a comment below this post and tell us where you would like to go trekking or hiking next. In other words: Where do you wanna rock those Wolverine shoes? ( Yosemite? British Columbia? Alaska? )
What else you should know

This giveaway is for USA and Canada residents only.

Use a public profile when commenting so we can track you down and contact you by email, Facebook or Twitter if you win. This is very important, since in the previous gear giveaway there were a few people who commented using their Google account but there was no contact info made public to their profile... We had to re-draw one winner.

We want to keep spammers off so comments are subject to moderation. If you don't see your comment up on the website right after you post it, come back later in the day or check back in the next day. If you type your personal name you'll be published in no time. :-)

I suggest using the Name/URL option. Type your Facebook or Twitter profile link in the URL field.

Deadline for entries is 25th March 2011. So you have two and a half weeks to enter starting from today - 9th March 2011.

After the 25th of March, I will update this post announcing the winners.

Wolverine shoes are pretty cool! :-)

Hiking Shoes by Wolverine - ICS

Wolverine ICS Shoes

I got a pair as a sponsorship myself and I gotta say I'm impressed by their technicality!

There's a silicone/gel disk underneath the inner sole (heel part) which allows you to configure your shoes in 4 ways:
  1. Cushion
  2. Firm
  3. Inward
  4. Outward
Click on the picture above for a larger view and you'll be able to read about each set-up.

Not to mention waterproofness (Gore Tex or Wolverine membrane depending on the model you choose) and wicked design. 

How we decide who wins

We're giving you equal chances of winning the shoes. will provide two randomly generated numbers (as in a lottery draw):
  1. First winning number will represent the Xth comment written by a lady participant.
  2. The second number (another draw) will be the Yth winning comment written by a man.
That's it. Good luck and happy hiking!

Giveaway courtesy of Outside PR and Sport Marketing: Outdoor Industry Public Relations, located in San Francisco, California.

If you run an outdoor blog or any other content website where you write gear reviews, post outdoor videos, etc. - perhaps you can get a gear deal with them. Contact them here.

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  1. Liked them on FB, shared on FB. Would love to hike any of those places you mentioned, but Starved Rock in Illinois is our next destination.

  2. Planning a trip to Utah in spring. Would love to have some new hiking boots!

  3. I'll be hiking in Romania and Constantin will be my guide.

  4. I hope to be trekking in the Himalayas sometime soon in the future. I can't wait!

  5. I would love to have the Wolverine shoes to use right here in my back yard. The New York and New Jersey state hiking scene is huge.

  6. I can't really travel much this summer because of work, but I would love to put some Wolverine shoes to work on the trails up at my cottage near Apsley, Ontario, or perhaps even on some horse trails in my area.

  7. These look like great technical hiking shoes. I'd love to use these in all of my summer hiking adventures around Utah. They're sure to bag a few peaks this year.

  8. I will be going to beautiful South Lake Tahoe for a week in April. Taking these for a test hike/run will be crazy awesome on that terrain. Also, there's plenty of cool trails in Valley Green, Philadelphia (where I'm from) where one can hike/run packed dirt and single track. They will definitely be put to good use where ever I go!

  9. Theres an awsome mountain peak named "Haystack" set in the northwest part of yosemite. I have to go it cross country to get to it. A pair of awsome Wolverine hiking shoes, for my husband & myself would be perfect for this treck! "GOOD LUCK" to me ☻

  10. Equipment 101: get a good pair of shoes if you go hiking. Some of my friends went for a weekend hike and they wore their street shoes. They have to cut the trip short due to sprained ankle. A technical trail demands decent boots to be safe and have fun on the hike. The Wolverine's Dura Shocks feature looks interesting especially at the end of the day over a day hike.

  11. I like Wolverine on FB. (Amy M)
    I tweeted this giveaway:

    I would love to go hiking on some of the trails in my backyard here in Ontario.

  12. Love to give them to my dad for our hiking trip in the backwoods of wells grey park, BC.

  13. Post liked and retweeted!

    I have two big hiking trips planned for this year, both of which are here in Utah.

    1) the Trans Zion Trek. It's a 50-mile hike from one end of Zion National Park to the other, and I'd like to do it in 2 days.

    2) The Uinta Highline Trail. This is a 75-mile hike that traverses the length of the 13,000+ foot Uinta Mountains (the tallest mountains in the state). I'd like to do it in 3 days.

  14. Would love to hit any of those places you mentioned above but will have to settle for some of the great trails that the Indiana Department of Natural Resources offer. Clifty Falls or Shades state parks come to mind.
    Oh, and Kovas, when we were in Illinois, we loved Starved Rock. Such a great park to hike in.


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