How To Carry Your DIY Steadicam for Your GoPro HD Camera

Test Video - Shot with My DIY Steadicam

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Okay. Now that you've built your own DIY steadicam, you also need to carry it around. Shooting that smooth video is a difficult thing to do, ain't it so?

As any serious amateur filmmaker you need to have a backpack with the rest of your gear, such as:
  • sandwich
  • water bottle
  • sunglasses (you wanna look cool, don't you?)
  • lip balm...

If you're out in the city or on the mountain (during a light trekking tour) you may wanna have your camera stabilizer ready at all times. You wanna shoot video and capture precious moments just as they happen.

So, here are two ways of carrying your glidecam, using your backpack as the central support piece:

1. Strap your cam stabilizer under the chest belt of your rucksack.

This is particularly advisable when you're on rugged terrain (steep slope, scree and boulders, etc.). The chest strap allows you to hold the rig relatively firmly.

Unclip the quick release buckle when you wanna capture footage.

2. Hang the glidecam in the plastic ring, on the shoulder straps of your backpack.

On flat terrain or where there are no obstacles. Most of the modern backpacks have the semi round plastic rings on the shoulder straps.

Just take the glidecam out of the ring when you wanna shoot.

Of course this works if your design is somewhat similar to mine. If not, you can adapt your design and add a bolt just to be able to hang your stabilizer. Do that only if you think is worth it.

I personally enjoy both these methods as it takes the weight off my arms when there's nothing to be captured on film. I basically carry the system on my shoulders and have it ready at all times (it only takes a fews seconds to have the whole thing rolling).

Carry DIY Steadicam on Ring Shoulder Straps

Carry Steadicam on Chest Belt

DIY Camera Stabilizer - Carry Method

DIY Steadicam by Constantin Gabor

How To Carry Your DIY Steadicam


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