GoPro HD 2 in Europe - Where To Buy Your GoPro Cam on The Old Continent - List of Retailers

GoPro 2

People are excited about the new GoPro HD 2 camera which was released by the small, yet amazing GoPro company.

I once read an article that said (hope I remember well) the company grows 300% per year, which is outstanding! And this with just a cool product that appeals to all kinds of people: extreme sports enthusiasts, filmmakers, photographers, scientists (a woman I know uses this camera to research volcano activity), etc.

So, since I shot most of my videos with the Hero HD, I get emails that ask me

Where to buy the GoPro HD 2 in Europe

First, let me tell you that from my experience, it was cheaper to buy the GoPro HD directly from the GoPro store and then pay some custom tax here in Europe. But of course, this depends on the country you live in, each having their own taxes.

In my case, I paid the $24 for shipping (from USA to Romania) and then paid the VAT tax (19% at that time). All calculations being made, there was no better deal in Europe (Jan 2010).

However, if the import taxes or VAT are too high in your country and if you don't want to complicate your life by filling forms at the custom office, you can get the new HD Hero 2 at these online stores:
Anyway, most of these stores ship internationally within Europe (even to non EU countries) so you can figure out which is the best combination of price & shipping for you.

But how to get the cheapest GoPro?

As a rule of thumb, Amazon will offer the best price sooner or later. This happens all the time with any kind of product. They sell large amounts of stuff so they get discounts as a worthy retailer. Be sure to check out your country's Amazon site regularly. 

If you don't see the item's price listed on Amazon, there's a button/link that says: See price in shopping cart. When this happens, you know that's a discounted price, smaller than any other retailer can offer (including the GoPro store).

All you have to do is wait and see the price drop on Amazon, whereas the rest of the retailers will sell the camera for the standard price. 

At the time of release, you're also paying for the novelty, not just for the product. So if no big video projects are ahead, waiting for a better deal is the right thing to do. There's a flood in the market with the first HD Hero (which is now cheaper in the official store) and it's likely the GoPro 2 HD will create another flood and a price drop. 

Wait a while, and you'll be able to get yourself a cheap GoPro Hero 2.

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Most of the shots in the clip above were shot with the Sony HX9V, which is a cool complementary camera for outdoor video sooting.

Be safe and shoot your outdoor adventures!

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