Rock Climbing Shirt Vector Design - Use Long Quickdraws

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Climbing TshirtRock Climbing T shirtBouldering Tshirt - Climbing

Climbing T shirt Vector Design - Long Quickdraws
Download this vector drawing for your climbing shirt in:
Don't you just hate it when the crux of a route is nothing else than a long reach to... the bolt or the quickdraw?!

And then you wonder:

1. Do we climb to clip the rope?

Shit, I'm scared and I'm high above my last bolt. I gotta clip this one. It's right here. If only I could reach it... Oh... If I fall now I'm gonna blow it so hard... I'm also getting pumped...

2. Or maybe climbing itself should be the only focus?

Totally! It's all about the movement and the flow. You're one with the rock. You don't care about clipping your rope, you just wanna climb higher and higher. You're in control. Nature favors you and you're enjoying it. You pull the rope to secure your high-up position. You stretch your arm towards the carabiner and then you go like:

Shit, I'm scared and I'm high above my last bolt. I gotta clip this one. It's right here. If only I could reach it... 

Climbing Shirt

Original artwork made by Gabriel Raileanu. Ask him to draw a custom design for you. 

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