3 Reasons To Let Your Kids Go Climbing

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Kids Love Climbing

One of the best ways to make your kid a responsible person is to treat him/her like an adult.

Now, I don't have kids of my own but I've noticed there's a difference in behavior when you treat the kids like one of your own (adults that is).

Me and my 12 year old cousin have been best friends since she was 5. When she was 6 years old, I took her with me on a 10 story building and she sat there enjoying the view while I was working on a billboard, hanging from a rope. Maybe I was was crazy (wasn't my child so why worry, right?) but I saw how my other young cousins develop with less permissive parents - there's a difference and not necessarily to the kid's advantage.

So one of the ways to actually empower your child is to let the kid go climbing and grant him/her the freedom to act and explore as if he/she was a full grown up.

Boy Bouldering in Climbing Gym

Getting out of the comfort zone at an early age

I shot a video for our local climbing gym and Catrinel, of the of the instructors, articulated a very interesting issue: overcoming fear.

Some are not very happy to be dangling on a rope up on the wall. That's at the beginning and it's understandable. However, after a few sessions and after seeing some of the other kids being able to do it, the fear wears off and they start enjoying climbing and abseiling.

Well, this is a normal process you may say and you'd be right. But there's a deeper meaning attached to this sporty achievement.

First, the kid naturally learns that what seems insurmountable at first can eventually be done through practice. Basically, he learns that sucking at first is just part of the process.

Second, climbing is an unusual activity for most people, and when your child is involved into something so offbeat, he/she gets an edge that most of the other kids won't get. That translates into more self confidence.

Third, climbing is a complex sport and it challenges your child's physical and physical ability. It's not just running in the park. It's about ropes, knots, harnesses, ascent techniques, safety, etc. Your kid learns responsibility and gets access to knowledge that many grown ups will never master.

Young Girl Climbing

Team work and comradery

You can't climb by yourself, unless your free soloing or bouldering.

Kids work together in teams of two so they learn true camaraderie, friendship and trust.

And the current climbing philosophy is mostly based on collaboration instead of competition so your kids will learn teamwork, communication and empathy. If there's a trick that one discovers as to how to pass a certain crux, they immediately share it with the group.

Natural High Climbing Gym Brasov - Promo Video

Climbing is fun

And all the other related activities: bouldering, deep water soloing, cliff jumping. It's just pure fun.

Better let your kid have fun doing a cool sport instead of playing computer games, right?

Cliff Jumping - Toma Borcea

Our little fellows play hide and seek when they're done climbing :-)

Deep water solo climbing - summer perk of climbing

Over to you
  • Is there a climbing gym in your city?
  • Would you let your kids do other extreme sports if they wanted to?
  • Which one is more dangerous: walking on the sidewalk or rock climbing?

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