Wild Country Ropeman - A Smart Rope Clamp Alternative to Tibloc and Shunt (by Petzl)

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Rope Clamp by Wild Country - Ropeman

Remember Tibloc by Petzl? The small emergency rope clamp?

Here's something similar but more versatile:

Wild Contry's Ropeman clamp ascender featuring:
  • rope friendly teeth
  • locking cam
  • steel cable for securing the device onto your rope

Ropeman Ascender by Wild Country
Ropeman Ascender - Tope View
Wild Country Rope Clamp Ascender
Wild Country Ropeman Clamp

The Ropeman can also replace your Shunt while doing rope access work since you can slide it either up or down on your second rope. And if you don't like the prusik knot, you can get two of these and use them to ascend on static ropes.

Wild Country Ropeman 2 on Rope

Where to buy yours
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I definitely like it more than Tibloc and this may very well be an all purpose rope clamp when you don't feel like carrying your Ascension.

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