GoPro Remote and Original Dive Housing Available - Check Them Out

GoPro WiFi Remote


After continuous postponements, the GoPro remote is available.

You won't get just the remote but also the WiFi BacPac (Receiver - Transmitter) that enables communication between your remote controller and your GoPro HD Hero 2 or GoPro HD.

GoPro Remote and WiFi BacPac

So now you can control your camera remotely without sticking your nose in front of the lens while filming. :-) Mount the remote on your wrist and you're good to go.

GoPro Wrist WiFi Remote

What else?

Well, they also promised a smartphone and tablet app that will enable you to:
  • control your HD Hero just as you do it with the remote
  • live preview and playback footage and pictures from your camera (sweeeet!)
  • wireless transfer media from your cam onto your phone or table (no cable, yey!)
  • live stream your smartphone as a hotspot (not sure what that means...)
  • and live web streaming of videos and photos (I think I know what this means)
You can shoot like this using the WiFi remote

Original Dive Housing is Ready to Dive

The underwater blurred image (out of focus) was an issue which the guys at Eye of Mine fixed it with thier flat lens housing. But GoPro had to step up and designed their own diving housing.

Here's what Tom Guilmette has to say about this new underwater case:

GoPro Dive Housing
GoPro Dive Housing on Diver

Get creative and shoot

Okay. The gear is no longer a problem. All you have to do now is shoot and edit your GoPro videos.

And if handheld is not enough, build a DIY stabilizer for your GoPro and maybe a slider as well.

GoPro DIY Steadicam

Shoot your outdoor adventures and more. The most versatile video camera just got better.

Be safe!

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  1. Heya! I ordered my GoPro 2 Outdoor this week and started searching for articles on DIY projects for mounting. That brought me here. Great blog! The climbing practice board looks like a fun project too.
    Looking forward to more posts.

    1. Thanks Mike!

      Can't promise you anything at the moment. I have less time now for fun projects... :-)

      Leave me questions on the tutorials if you have any.



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