Where To Rock Climb in Berlin - Citadel's Wall in Volkspark Humbholdthain

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Rock Climbing on Citadel Wall - Volkspark Humboldthain Berlin

Are you a climber and happen to be in Berlin?

You'll definitely find some nice climbing gyms to keep your training routine. So you're covered. You won't get out of shape.

But what if you actually wanna climb on rock?

Well, it's not real rock but it's something pretty concrete - the walls of the citadel in Volkspark Humbholdthain. Just a few minutes away from Magic Mountain Climbing gym.

Climbing in Berlin - Map

So instead of paying 14 Euros for a session in the gym, why not do some rock climbing outdoors, in the park?

The routes are mainated by DAV (Deutscher Alpenverein - German Alpine Club); they're well protected and have modern chain lower offs. There are chipped holds and mounted holds (on overhangs) but the experience is great nonetheless.

Chain Lower Offs in Climbing Routes
Climbing in Berlin - Klettern in Berlin - Volkspark Humboldthain
Rock Climbing in Berlin - Germany

Most of the routes are faces but some go all the way up, crossing a small roof.

This is also a nice place to meet the local climbers and have a chat.

Tip: Don't ask anyone about the difficulty of the routes. Take a look at the most accessible lines and climb each one. Then move onto the next harder lines. It's a fun thing to do. And this way you might onsight at your physical limit.

View Climbing Site in Berlin in a larger map

You'll definitely enjoy Magic Mountain Gym as well but if you wanna climb often you may find the 14 Euros entrance fee to be too high.

Climbing Wall - Magic Mountain Gym in Berlin
Magic Mountain Climbing Gym - Berlin
Magic Mountain Outdoor Climbing Towers in Berlin

Climbing Shirt by Highball - Feeling Pumped

Be safe and have a joyous stay in Germany! And don't forget the wheat cloudy beer after climbing. :-)

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