GoPro Tutorials - 3 YouTube Channels To Follow for Tips and Tricks on How To Use Your GoPro HD Camera

GoPro 3

If you're for the first time on this blog, you'll probably enjoy the most these two GoPro tutorials:
  1. DIY Steadicam for GoPro
  2. GoPro Video Editing Software
The rest revolves around outdoor gear, shooting video in general (which I love to do) and video editing - for which I started a new site altogether

But if want to learn how to get the most out of your GoPro HD Hero camera, check out these three YouTube channels:

1. GoPro Tutorials - Judging by the quality of the videos, I'd say this channel is run and updated by the guys at GoPro.

2. Mitch Bergsma - A deaf guy who's addicted to GoPro. He tells his story here. I love all his work, particularly the HD 2 vs Hero 3 tests. Check out this battery life comparison test:

3. Kyle Martin - Lots of tips on mounting the cam, menu settings and what not.

So there you have it. Subscribe to these guys and you'll be up to date on what you can do with your GoPro.


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