Introducing + Your Chance to Win a Free Copy of Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus

Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus

If you wanna come along on the way to edit better videos, join me on my new site

If you don't - well, you may be missing out. Magix and Corel already jumped in as sponsors and they're giving away free serial numbers so you can have an original copy to work with on your web movies.

The website will run in parallel with Highball Blog so articles will be interlinked but the main focus on will be ultra specific screencast tutorials on how to edit videos.

Since it's me running the site, expect to get the same style of writing and the same level of engagement. Leave a comment, ask a question and I'll always get back to you.

Constantin Gabor Editing Videos
Constantin Gabor - Video Editing

I'm an amateur but I do my best to get professional results with consumer editing programs, a laptop and affordable cameras. That, of course, may change but we'll mostly stick to easy stuff.

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Enter the Magix giveaway before 20 November 2012 for a chance to win a serial number for Movie Edit Pro Plus.

Cheers and thanks for reading this!

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  1. Loving the new blog its a great help to me :) I have it bookmarked and pretty much check it everyday. Keep it up :)

    1. Thanks Samuel! As with Highball Blog, I don't post very often but I try to make it valuable when I do. That's why suscribing is the best option to not miss out.


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