How To Build a GoPro Swivel Mount - Video Tutorial

GoPro Swivel Mount
Remember the GoPro RotoR mount? The one that used to cost 300 Euro and was made in Italy?

Well, you can make one with $3 or something.

It allows you to get 360 degree shots of yourself while riding your bike, skiing or whatever.

Just mount two GoPro cameras at the ends of the pole and you'll get some amazing footage. A cam and a counter weight at the other end will do as well.

All you need is a cheap swivel trolley wheel which you can buy at your local hardware store. A ski pole, a bolt and a few screws will do the rest.

Check out the video below:


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  1. Foarte tare Constantin !
    Initial ma gandeam " da nu se invarte singura de nebuna acea bara?" :) pe urma am realizat ca asta e si ideea.

    1. :-) Yup. The spinning pole grants those smooth 360 shots. Love it!


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