Climbing T shirt for Ladies - Red Point

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I came into rock climbing thinking that one must just get to the top, no matter what style and technique... As soon as I saw climbers clipping the quick-draws in the bolts and then passing the rope through the carabiners I knew there's more to it.

Red point climbing means you only have to hold onto the rock as you ascend, using the bolts or pitons for security purposes only. That is, if you take a fall that's the only case you would make real use of those securing points. You must reach the top of the route or finish the pitch without falling and without hanging in the rope for resting. That's red point - what Germans call rotpunkt.

The red point style led to the sport climbing movement as we know it today. Back in the mid 70's, the red point at the bottom of a route meant it could be free climbed without using the pegs as handholds or footholds. Read more about this on Wikipedia.

My suggestion for printing your rock climbing shirts

More and more lady climbers can be seen these days on the crags. That can only be good news! :-)

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  1. My wife loves climbing. I think she would totally dig on this design.


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